Never Stop Believing!

"Do not raise your children the way your parents raised you; they were born for a different time.

Abi bin Abi Taleb (599—661 A.D.)

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"I might be too young to settle down and marry, but I’m definitely too old to be playing anymore games. I’m too old to just be talking to someone, too old to not know what’s really going on, and too old to be entertaining somebody with no intention of making it work. At this age, I’m only interested in consistency, stability, respect and loyalty. And I want to hear someone tell me that they love me and know they Goddamn mean it."

"When somebody makes you laugh when you’re sad, that’s the most enjoyable laugh you’ll ever experience."

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This will make you feel better
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"Sometimes you’ve got to be able to listen to yourself and be okay with no one else understanding."

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"Never apologize for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself every night. That is how galaxies are made."

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